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of the un and ninety nine and unreachable can things be joining us coming up. he did not commit these types of efforts to find ways out of the crisis in crimea the national people's congress the chinese government delays at its vision for the future. on the tube is the age of me gets ready to test the uk as against chile . to ease
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tension in your crate. i'm guessing momentum. tom is tested it out to all that you can go toe to the us that gets to join katie at the site and an eu foreign ministers meeting in paris with the russian nation council is also set to discuss ukraine is that the talks in brussels and in another development the organization for security and cooperation in europe has confirmed that it is sending a team of mimicry of service to ukraine. now on to moscow says it can do anything to prevent done to the crimea it consists of milk and fill in the local russian forces there. the russian flag flies along the crimean one over the government building in sin terrible. under the watchful eye of soviet leader lenin. there's a sense of normalcy and of the russian occupation people read in the newspaper brothers did not shoot each other. what many russian speaking residents here think of the new government in kiev can be seen on this sign. my knee and is against nazis
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everything will be peace on midweek rates. but there are more disturbing messages from the peninsula. russian soldiers of allegedly taking partial control of two ukrainian missile bases. and yet the story a ten k to let me is the best of all. at the harbor. there are many uniformed soldiers. russia claims it has nothing to do with them. worse his condition. russia cannot order self defense forces in crimea back to their bases because they are not russian forces. that's because the witches. hardly anyone in europe leads the procession on the contrary to what says the russian military invasion of ukraine is in progress. i want to turn up the pressure on moscow. she couldn't be social. acu we must begin down the path of dialogue but
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at the same time there was a special eu summit tomorrow and sanctions could be imposed if there is no de escalation is can we. unknown to them as they coaxed into paris for the foreign ministers of gemini prawns in the us army team. and despite russian reluctance the world's top diplomats will continue to try moscow and kids together at the same table. garth was a kind comes easy in paris fullest following this too is a karen festival is there any chance at this point in the icu kind unless it's the same table. you wait. i truly hope that both creepy and it is very un appealing he wrote that the chicken coop after ordering and negotiation. it was my year
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by the department of the democratic rights but my and go toe to be the ticket but she would put the mike leach is the capital to get the picture. by the continuing it. which will come up with it that way it was time to it. oh yes they should go tomorrow. generals say diplomacy scanning taste in clothes that meets in the teens had dinner of roast and john kerry will be absolutely crucial. people that so optimistic about that i take care of it is fair to the epa could have been offered at a time though the corporate applicant that the ukrainian government to dictate the connection. they could be hard coming to me and pepper the louder i had to come to that negotiation table with ella in the week to look at the ball to help fill with baking. here is that this team seems to go back to me how quick scene with the last move in to sanctions most of all kinds sanctions would expect. wear what i think it would have to pay it with the negotiations with russia about the different day. and all they could be at the end all
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to hear that they cook it like i had to caution the economic need. what do you get that special holiday tomorrow i will deal with the dear to me. for a week ago including ukraine. why are told that he can take it we can he be kept or so it can to shore up the canopy up to me that the head where it may be time to look away negotiation solo at the boulder opal. i think that the outcome of the situation when they have come up with projects lessons of this lesson has the human rights. and no one can complain to you in the kiev the ukrainian capital. the new ukrainian prime minister singh is the kind that can be given more autonomy but it must remain within ukraine is being viewed as a possible solution to the conference yes he has come up with that statement within the last few
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hours the colts ahead from being the suffocating defence counsel here saying that recipe must be the criteria for a new kind of freakish faith in this country can handle city a crate and five assists as the sea as the trustee to come eat a lot of evidence that the country to get this the troubled eastern parts of ukraine today since it's very high that day. bob carr announcing a full speed past month and six he continued his eleventh episode six seconds the general said today that their midfield and sixty eight supreme said. i'm the last day to get back to school. city and trying to defuse the crisis that has received in christ that is not necessarily an easy process. aunties says those meetings will continue they will continue all efforts to try to make some hadith the pregnancy sixty two but this crisis if it didn't last she keeps insisting that it has no control over pro russian forces in crimea all start going down there
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that's somewhat disputes aka i am my ads and even some carry the affected state fair yesterday. she's almost directly to reference a blind eye to that. i think it's pretty much the scene that plays force is found in crimea of russian troops but like i say the defense has accused the council needed to get it so it makes that since the last house on the fact that they say those traits it right it must needs be traded insulation said he caught it the princess secret cd and then he says. step by step they could be some kind of negotiation that could be some kind of equipment the ukrainian government he gets is that the russian government must recognize this new interim government asking that the victims and use it often crave. ecan to procrastinate. i really can't thank you very much for the drive up to eight. i jenny seen playing quite a central role in the diplomacy to and fro the ukraine the crisis comes just weeks off to jimmy's cousin court
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was content to become more active on the international stage and move away from the silk with content is strange. the legacy of the second level fundamentals new defense minister echoed that cool so all eyes on what the government might do differently in practice isn't that how it has handled this crisis of fun events in ukraine of testing germany's recent commitment to play a more apt to fall on the internet to stay. if every tenant farm and staff time but this time my act together with his french and french counterparts the kid to have to kill it a success shots were fired on my dance class. protest leaders and members of the opposition president victor young and called its agreed to form a new government loans to hold early elections. as buffett i did was perhaps the last chance to end the spiral of violence it be about a dig about it. not so thin
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the dream and could not hold for long just to de link to a ukrainian politicians voted to renew the honor of its leading former opposition leaders in control of the country. jenny's initial efforts at diplomacy in taxes the tensions escalated still thought i would progress and on nancy's government buildings in crimea. suddenly the threat to the wall and europe's doorstep became real tennant on sat under the map up to five minutes to intensify denny's diplomatic efforts. this is the initials i see it is a chance to develop an international strategy. perhaps to form a contact group. i don't think we there yet. but i think it's worth continuing talks on its way to the deaths of two. it's a gemini taiwan is not in a box to impose sanctions on russia and up and it could exacerbate the situation. also your ups and wraps as economies of two
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closely interwoven the sox mets is to be effective. for the next step by your eyes on now in a meeting of eu leaders on thursday. vocals tokyo today. the events in ukraine as the coming business move on to some of the nice and in china korea the leakage and has made his slowest annual policy speech at the start of the national people's congress in beijing on the agenda when ambitious economic reforms the war on corruption and ethics to stand pollution. but no one in development for china's neighbors. he also announced the biggest increase in defense spending in the eyes i think hong kong tiananmen square. the political leaders of costs. an unexpected ten of events. the crowd tried to demonstrate that taken away by security. on the opening day at the national people's congress in beijing chinese
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community cage and colson stains on the phone china's reform has entered a critical stage. we must rely and the people freak mental shackles and vested interests and use the economic structural reform to deep and comprehensive reform in all areas. the minute silence was observed by the three thousand party members remembering the victims of nonsense in a stabbing attack including. the posse has blamed the attack on separatists from scenes and state. china plans to increase military spending by around twelve percent. we will enhance the nature of the chinese armed forces modernize and upgrade their performance and continue to raise that deterrence and combat capabilities in the information age the government says it will also intensify its battle against police in in efficient factories will be closed and millions of cars will be done from the roads to ease and its high levels of salt. the communist
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party's funny lah the monster he's produced in order to minimize its big its consent discontent. we had a mini stroke of modernizing the un forces on the second is fine in beijing friday and i'm as most of the planet is in this modernization plan. i think it's actually a sequel to the neighboring countries is tiny i think it's a signal strengths of china wants to demonstrate that it is though that only country in the asian region and especially regarding the tensions in the assault on in the sun is the best seat at the tunnel is a site that we are investing more money in not in our in our defense did we are we head for that we have womanizing are now forced to more than icing on the tv. so that's what you have to and that would look into the attacks on its own so to be a sequel to the neighboring countries connections to tackle corruption hard to ensure its
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entire now. his integrity issue of corruption isn't a big problem in china and even that isn't especially loved as a lot of money just vanishing in the pockets of officials and the rest of the level of the parties' of campaign announces to come by to this like corruption everywhere but the question is isn't really that ought not to be talking to everybody on the top part of the pot to make is that the fight against corruption may need to post runs a nobody knows about that but still it's a big problem and it's everybody in the end of the normal like a population of china's expecting the party to fight this problem. what the general character of the economy. i think it looks done the sixteen days in dublin and its coach seemed to be over. yes yes they all bought into this here in town. well it is aimed at making some just announced that the cost him the grace of the seven point seven percent and he knows that i did for the coming year is seven point five percent. so this is definitely far less than
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than in previous years the side of the same time he's announcing a lot of new homes market reform finance reform said he hopes to at least keep them out at the site some fun flying. um percent of all false readings of the coney island to to keep the china chinese economy how to become unhealthy. no was not attacking position that's also one of the issues raised by the crimea. the challenge is not going to be for the country. it's a huge challenge. everybody's talking about his batting and exceeding the middle comes out of me worrying about them to help about the future of the kids to the top eight and now the leadership has announced a lot of new matches if i really don't know whether these matches will have the will be successful in the act also does not hold the little tyke people are talking about maybe five years seven years eight years two of these matches week. i'm trying something makes guys knew of the painting an overall the cdc especially in the north of china. not having bought the un has well at least has me take that is
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it that isn't the problem for china and that something has to be done. johnny and i was in the same time kinda nice for that. the key. kelly now and its future connor was cut the story is in south africa and businesses will stay with us the more personal. we
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listened you want. tw smoke while it's more information tw daunting. welcome back to the tridentine and the ghastly asked if the stories has entered its third day today he's accused of course of murdering his girlfriend three distinct stew. the story is admits he shot him multiple times go by until we think it was an accident. getting to listening to them. me and a summary of what happened in court today the prosecution case against oscar story is nice to paint a district unit of them and south africa once viewed as a hero. and his character wasn't focused on wednesday when the state called box of kevin the remit to this day. she described an incident at a johannesburg
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restaurant when the story is accidently fired a gun and asked someone else to take the blame. in it. you are getting tossed the same keys today and just to say was you otherwise i don't eat and chat on the descent was you who so often earlier in the day the defense continued its aggressive cross examination of key prosecution witnesses who said they heard a woman screams and gunfire on the fatal night and with his privacy was again called into question one of the prosecution witnesses revealed he had received arresting phone calls after his number was read out in court. the scenes person. it was a fun going in court about we know oscar didn't you read that. it's not cool come on man something of that night to talk him into his conduct was. no intimate eighteen. on tuesday images of another witness was broadcast on television in
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apparent defiance of a court order the judge has ordered an investigation. these the baby's room which has intercepted a ship in there and see that it saves a strong sporting city made weapons destined for mannequins in the gaza strip an israeli navy spokesman said the ship was carrying dozens of the songs and three of the two rockets. they have a range of one hundred and fifty km which was the most in israel within the range of vessels seventeen strong crew reportedly did not know what was on bullet. that evidence on the vessel indicated that the weapons may have come from iran the freedom only to find out how unwise and greeks are going back to finding to make a livelihood and bought as well as catch up with some of the music the anti government protests in venezuela has again turned violent hundreds of people for street battles with police in the capital caracas
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the police and then disperse the crowds with teeth yes and no scanning. sami says that begins today some of the first anniversary today this is the speed at goal attempts. election commission has announced dates for the country's parliamentary elections and those who begin on the seventh of april and the candy in phases on to me that corrupt. it's up to me the biggest democratic election in history with eight hundred and fifteen million people in the defensive mode. not to be counted on sixteenth. and state prosecutors here in gemini are appealing against the acquittal of the former president has done full on corruption charges. coopers has no teeth guilty of accepting favors fine course none of the last month. he resigned as the issue in twenty twelve prosecutors gave no reason for that decision to pursue the case i'm doing. meanwhile york and guile has increased its
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three day visit. the first time kim and cousin instance to compensate. since that time greece has of course being through one of the blessed economic crises in living memory. while it's cooking too much from recession is here. times are still extremely tough. this time prevented that in the north. people have taken the bombing to make a living he became a the chicken moment in the within weeks she makes a living selling their produce to local supermarkets and belize. but she's not always lived off the land. until recently she lived in store. but the country's economic meltdown was forced to rethink their korea. i've always been interested in the occult to accept it and a popping into my dark without letting myself go insane from the financial crisis. i just did it and i went out on the edge. kiki is not alone it the more weeks of turning to farming as a way of making
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money. training centers in seeing thousands of people choosing to be re trained in agriculture. most are young unemployed academics. in many parts of greece. the scent of changes in the end the government is increasing spending on infrastructure but analysts say there's still a long way to go remains the situation is still very difficult. he kissed me because business confidence is still low in england. it could prove to me for entrepreneur is begin to trust themselves again to invest. however that is not the case when it's my thinking here. rather than wait. gq men of each decided to take matters into her own pants. its aim and most of the unemployed always seem to find a top center to the one they hunt for something a stocky build with trained for me but the crisis of course is that it doesn't much like
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that to be inducted into something new. accepting government to continue fighting the corner from me now she believes it's up to small business owners such as itself to end the crisis well more for less than the euro crises cities in the spotlight today the european commission has released a hotly anticipated report about economic imbalances within the errors and conrad susan has been watching that for the frankfurt stock exchange sarah connor will consume up to commissions act. went to the this in depth review of macroeconomic imbalances basically it means that the relation between the exports and imports was scrutinized very closely and in the case of germany the eu commission said that the persistently high current account surplus of two mb which not to create a risk to the cinema to notch deficits bought but didn't the government then should aim at posting going on to domestic amman to generate investment and strength and growth potential. sending
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missiles sams great technical but in fact is extremely controversial isn't it that tell us about jenny's reaction to david. it's quite interesting right. what the news of today is is not an official response of the german government consists of in official. it's an internal paper of the german ministry of economics where for the first time ever. the government to pull these officials of the ministry s speaking of cancer risks and detrimental effects of large imbalances to all for export import in between the eurozone which could mean that soon. the new government in berlin that might introduce about of the business to policies of posting them on and creating a new binder full of costs rising stock prices. well today though the stock prices are rising the boxes down about a quart of ups and the use of safety and extreme much unchanged. and the euro was trading at a time and went on a thirty seven back to you. thanks to the comrades. well the wells lodges tool reasons and hes
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got underway him fall in more than a hundred thousand industry professionals are expected to attend an event which last for four days the global tourism sites. it was an estimated one trillion euros and for you. emo than two million people but in the tourism industry which will cost to save and go buy two percent this camp visitors to china in particular i'm driving the trend. something that i love that she takes a break and this weekend as national team's gear up for important friend elise that will help them days that form ahead of the world cup in brazil the ukraine that was due to host the usa but the match was moved to cyprus. because of that evidence the cone is on a boat shows that christ has also given the matching set of new meaning. a is for the ukrainian national football team at that given the green light to travel to cyprus and play against the united states. the game
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had long been the asian cup call in ukraine to cyprus the venture the last few days. the game. the knights now that means. play because it's very symbolic. these the footscray. the usa while the team is what the circumstances under which the friendly match will take place. otago beans and welcomed the last minute decision to play. of people were in contact with the canadian federation in doubt. and minutes later the confirmation of the game is on no problem and i'd be happy to have been skating for the ukranian play the mets can use tongs to distract them from the country's troubles for ninety minutes. been becoming the accounting can mean some of the favourites for this summer's was not to mention the fish on the squad. knock and it has wanted one has this to prove themselves when
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they left town to his squad for the tournament with the weekly see what it was he watching them and how they perform in what will be the last friendly before he announces that crucial world cup line up this evening gemini on taking on chile in stuttgart there's a lot at stake being picked to play against you it doesn't mean a place on the world cup squad after you walk in the morning. even the big names no more than a lot is riding on their performance in wednesday's game. it just is that today is the last batch before the squad is nominated as we all know is how we perform now that matters it is a convenient the tournament. that could benefit dog once kevin goals call it making his first appearance for germany in three years. he's likely to start the game bolstering a defense that has proved porous in recent games camille i know that i would write back. that's where i've been playing it got one for the last six months. i'm looking forward to the present myself well. this
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man though will be upping the pressure that i'm totally god playmaker at juventus and linchpin of chile's midfield the south americans are looking to cement a reputation as tough opponents for europeans. the recently drew against maine and beat england. c b in the day habit of pressing against my pile of cats. they have individual class with players from all the top european leagues will push pin. you walk and that is expected to try out three new players alongside established names. all will have to prove themselves if they want to make it to the world cup. when his team tends to accompany him because he was good but when you train you can check them out with signs pointing to the doggie. i had. the i
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think. sigh i wanna know. and as far as i said good evening is now six pm the time you're watching it. the city. with the stereotypes are gone. bob
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the bill i know. each cage the world. it's good to me the eye. seaworld you were ever you go. she asks for your own tablet. access program schedules on demand video. i don't mind in peace i play ball. i enjoyed the us versions available this is your marketplace
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today research makes the network. you and new guru by the tree. welcome. so many of the daughters of somebody. and gave them a fair chance. the island. i think you see something is thed states. i must say that in the united states. two variants of you are. sons and daughters. twenty five. in fact horror something which greeted the time. links between ireland and the united states are dong and enjoying the fact that twenty two us presidents same irish heritage shows that the bond between our two run home. all ever. if president reagan and kennedy descendants were trying to immigrate to the united states


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